Happy Halloween!!

In honoImager of this spooky holiday, I’m including links to “The Banshee” by Henry Cowell, and “Nacht” from Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schoenberg, two very famous pieces that incorporate extended technique. They are wonderfully creepy, particularly the video that goes along with the Schoenberg.

Some things to think about while listening:

What makes these, or any piece of music, creepy? What makes a sound “normal” or comforting, as opposed to scary? How do horror film composers capitalize on our evolutionary instincts (pertaining to sound) in order to frighten us?



I’m back!

Sorry it has been such a crazy long time since I’ve posted with any sort of regularity! In the interim I’ve been rather busy—graduating from Indiana University, performing in a few summer programs, presenting a world premiere of a composition by a high school friend, and beginning my Masters studies at Eastman School of Music.  So it’s been a crazy few months!

I happy to announce that as a student at Eastman, I’ve been accepted into the Arts Leadership Certificate Program. In addition to performance, my career goals involve arts advocacy and finding new ways to bring the audience to my music (hence this blog). So I’m very excited about the classes and internships I’ll be able to participate in as a result of this program.

Just wanted to give a little update as to where I’ve been–I’ll return (for real) soon!